Cooperative & Participative Entrepreneurship,
The Entrepreneurship of The Future

What is it

Cooperative & Participative Entrepreneurship

Citizens unite to compete with big corporations: this is the entrepreneurship of the future; an entrepreneurship based on cooperation and participation as the key to develop large human organizations able to recover local production and to reactivate the economy.

The cooperative and participative organizations apply an innovative approach to grow in a massive way: the members of the organization participate actively in the co-creation, management and development of the cooperative. In cooperative and participative organizations the consumers are the owners of the organization. They do not ask for money to banks or investors, they self-finance. They are non-lucrative structures with an aim of changing the current model by adding as many members as possible. Some success cases are Park Slope Food Coop in Brooklyn or Som Energia in Spain.

"Automation in the companies that control the world is ALREADY a reality but we are not CONSCIOUS of the effects. What happens when some few automated companies control over 80% of the economy of a city? When will I stop hearing that we have to become "Superman" to gain a foothold in the labour market? We must unite to compete with multinationals and stop competing with each other." —Sara Martin


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