Women in Virtual Reality from Valencia

Women in Virtual Reality from Valencia #WOMENvrVLC

The Group of Women in Virtual Reality from Valencia arises as a shout to the world in opposition to violence and misogyny.

No one doubts that the world is at present a place where violence and misogyny have reached unbearable limits. Not in vain, Ban Ki-moon said in his last speech as United Nations Secretary-General, in September 2016, that "the world is a terrible place".

Worst of all is that predictably the situation is not going to get better, but to get worse: How will the world be when violence and misogyny persuasively impact men through Virtual Reality, with the effects that such immersive technology can have on a permanent basis in the individuals who experience it?

Multiple studies confirm that women have more empathy than men. Empathy allows us to understand reality in a more complete way, as long as we are able to perceive and feel what other beings experience. The world needs the women to understand and transform the reality. And what better way to express how we perceive the world and change it than with the help of Virtual Reality?

In the words of Cher Wang, who has launched the VR FOR IMPACT program with $10 million to transform the world, "the potential for Virtual Reality to help us learn, understand and transform the world is limitless".

What We Do


Raising Our Voice

One of our main goals is to achieve that more women go to events where the future of new technologies are debated. We have detected that the presence of women in the audience of these meetings is very limited, which generates poor debates since they are very polarized by the vision that men have about development and use of new technologies.


The event of the #WOMENvrVLC Group

We inform the society about the enormous potential of Virtual Reality to transform the world and we alert of serious dangers of using it inadequately. Likewise, we make visible the projects –developed by both women and men– that are transforming the society with the help of Virtual Reality. Join us in our first event that will be held on the 7th of June in Valencia!


United We Are Stronger

The Virtual Reality is the industry that will revolutionize all industries. The society needs the women to offer they perspective for the correct focus of this new technology. The Group of Women in Virtual Reality from Valencia acts as a hub between people that want to transform the society with the help of Virtual Reality. Join the Group of Women in Virtual Reality from Valencia!

Who We Are

Sara Martin-Mato

Marisa Domínguez

Asunción Sanchís

Amparo Caballero

María Roig

Irene Milián

Carolina Di Girolamo

Karyn Rodrigues

Chelo Pons

Laura Romero

Marian Sanz

JOIN US, the World needs us !;-)

Absolutely ALL women are welcome; No matter your background or experience. So if you want either to join the Women in Virtual Reality from Valencia's Group or get in touch with us for another reason, write us!